NSW Changes To Property Management


For those who don’t know, the Residential Tenancies Amendment bill got passed in 2018 by the NSW Parliament. According to this bill, more rights will be given to the tenants and they will be able to live on longer leases than before. Not only this, according to the bill the bonds will now be fairer and smaller for them. 

Here are some of the highlights of the changes made to the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill of 2018:

1) The domestic violence victims will now be given proper protection 

The victims of domestic violence will now have the right to terminate a tenancy as soon as they want to, that too without any penalty. The damage done to the property during the domestic violence will not be blamed on the victim and his/her co-tenant - they will not be liable for the loss.

2) Alterations and rent increases

All the rental properties are supposed to have these seven facilities for tenancy: 

➔ The property needs to be structurally sound.

➔ Proper natural lighting in each room except the storage room. 

➔ Proper ventilation.

➔ Proper supply of gas and electricity.

➔ Proper drainage and plumbing.

➔ Water supply service needs to be present. 

➔ Bathroom facilities are to be available.

Not only this, landlords cannot refuse now to allow minor alterations like hanging a nail or hook on the wall to hang a picture. As far as the rent increase is concerned, if the living space is on a periodic lease, then the rent can only be increased once a year. 

These are the two major changes made in the bill. But this isn’t it, in fact, a lot has changed in the bill and if you want to know about it then we’d suggest you to give the bill a read on your own and you’ll know what are the new rules now. 

If you want to find more about your obligation and responsibilities with either as landlord or tenant do not hesitate to contact us.